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Let’s address the elephant in the waiting room - dental visits aren’t exactly something you look forward to. At Claremont Dental, we’re not here to sugarcoat anything (quite the opposite really). We just want to rinse away all the uncertainty so that seeing us is as natural as a casual catch-up.

As an independent team of local health care professionals, we offer a personal, family-orientated experience in a relaxed atmosphere, with more one-on-one time and treatment individually tailored to you. At the heart of it all, what we really care about is holistic health. By feeling comfortable with one another, we unlock all those little insights that help us not just treat you, but treat you better. Teeth may be our specialty, but we love drilling down to the core issues that ultimately hide the answers to a happier, healthier life.

Come discover what happens when you really #openup

Our services

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At Claremont Dental, our version of dentistry is ‘Dental Artistry’ – a highly skilled, hands-on approach to a range of dental services.
So whether that means cleaning, removing, replacing, straightening, sedating, filing or filling, you’re in the best of hands.

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Dental implants

wisdom teeth removal in perth - claremont dentist

Wisdom Teeth Removal

A perfect result of a dentist’s work which is seen in the beautiful and white smile on a patient who is absolutely satisfied with a result of a treatment given in a clinic.

Dental Hygiene, Checkup & Cleans

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teeth whitening in perth - claremont dental

Teeth Whitening

children's dentist in perth

Children’s Dentistry


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Health funds accepted

It’s easy to #openup when all major health funds are accepted.