Appointment Policy


Appointment Policy

Thank you for choosing Claremont Dental to care for you. We look forward to welcoming you and providing excellent dental care. To help our practice run smoothly and on time, we ask everyone to follow our appointment guidelines below.


Whether you book in person, over the phone or online, we make sure to set aside enough time for your treatment. Our appointment book is precisely scheduled and we plan ahead to ensure we are ready for every patient. Please keep a record of your appointment date and time when you book.

Appointment Reminders:

You can decide how we communicate reminders to you. We will text, email or phone you two days before your appointment asking you to confirm the date and time. To do this is easy, just reply Y to the text or email reminders. CALL us to cancel or change your appointment with at least 24hrs notice.

Late Arrivals:

Nobody likes to be kept waiting, so if you arrive after your appointment time, we may need to re-schedule your visit in order to stay on time for our next patient. Please call if you are running late and we will let you know whether to come or reschedule, however a subsequent booking deposit fee from $100 may apply (in lieu of a late fee).

Cancellation or Re-scheduling:

We are happy to cancel or re-schedule your appointment if you give us at least 24hrs notice. Anything less than this is not usually enough time for us to fill the appointment slot (as we are asking another patient to re-arrange their schedule).

If less than 24hrs notice is given, we will ask you to pay a subsequent booking deposit fee from $100 to book the next appointment (in lieu of a cancellation fee). This fee will contribute to your treatment or be forfeited if you fail to attend or less than 24hrs notice is given to cancel.

Failure to Attend:

All of our appointments are carefully time managed, booked and prepared so the surgery will be set up, and our Dentist and nurse will be ready and waiting for you. If you forget your appointment or decide not to turn up, we will ask you to pay a subsequent booking deposit fee from $100 to book any further appointments with us (in lieu of an FTA fee).

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