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Dr Bayan Habibi

DENTIST B.D.Sc. (Hons) (UWA) cIR

“Always strive for excellence in all things”. The maxim drilled into Dr Bayan Habibi from a young age by first generation migrants escaping persecution instilled a constant thirst to excel in the pursuit of all things he applied himself to. Bayan completed his Bachelor of Dental Science with Honours from the University of Western Australia in 2012, receiving awards in special needs dentistry and international recognition in endodontics. Since this period, Bayan has actively worked towards gaining experience in all aspects of dentistry.

From the use of lasers to help manage painful temporo-mandibular dysfunction, to management of complex childhood dental trauma, no aspect of dentistry has been too small or isolated, no amount of time or effort excessive in the pursuit of excellence. With clinical practice ranging through all fields of dentistry, Bayan takes special interest in the use of advanced materials and techniques in advanced restorative and surgical dentistry, including implants, wisdom teeth, gum surgery and complex cosmetic work. This interest is further supplemented by the use of dental microscopy. With the ability to view his work at high levels of magnification, Bayan believes this added capacity will allow him to constantly provide patients the highest level of care available.

Bayan is passionate about education and his community. Towards this end, Bayan helped organize a National Dental Foundation Charity Day in 2016 where those in need of urgent dental management were cared for. Bayan loves to share his knowledge and expertise with patients and colleagues alike, spending time in and out of work mentoring colleagues to improve the quality of dentistry provided through out the profession, as well as visiting and speaking to patients outside work hours to ensure they are well cared for. For Bayan, education is the fundamental basis of all medical management, without which all treatment is likely to fail.

Bayan is also a keen student of history and politics. This interest led him back to study a Certificate of International Relations at the University of Western Australia in 2016. Beyond his insatiable compulsion to test himself at work, Bayan also loves soccer, DIY experiments, his family, and his dog Kya!”