The gamut of health concerns brought about by snoring have the potential to throw life into disarray. If you’re dealing with fatigue, poor concentration, memory deterioration, decreased sexual drive and mental health issues that can arise from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), you’re probably ready to find a fix – fast. Mouthguards are a legitimate and … Read more

Sleep apnoea can be tricky trouble. Not only does it make it hard to get a good night’s sleep, but the snoring often has trickle-down effects over time… Like your partner threatening to relegate you to the couch or just wanting to come home and snuggle in your blanket for eternity.

So how can you control something that feels impossible to reign in? If snoring and sleep apnoea have been getting you down (or keeping you up), your dentist can help.

Treat your sleep apnoea in a non-invasive, low risk and comfortable way without expensive surgeries or big clunky and awkward devices.

Read on to find out the best dental device to treat sleep apnoea and to avoid banishment to the couch for good.

Have you ever looked at your floss after you’ve used it and wondered what that white, sticky blob on it is? What you are seeing is a dental plaque, the sworn enemy of your teeth and gums, brought on by bacterial buildup.

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