a woman standing on a street, smiling and is wearing glasses

Whiter teeth are a surefire way to add a touch of brightness to your day. After all, when the sparkle in your teeth matches the glimmer in your eyes, you might just make someone else smile too. But even if you uphold great dental hygiene practices, your teeth can still end up stained over the … Read more

‘Shine bright like a diamond’ isn’t just another meaningless pop song. Rhianna was actually onto something…

Believe it or not, a recent study shows the colour and shape of our teeth can impact how attractive we are to others. So it’s not surprising how much our smile influences our confidence.

When someone flashes you a big fat grin with their pearly whites on display, self-assuredness radiates to give fuzzy feelings all round. And who wouldn’t want to be that positive energy?!

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most conservative ways to improve your smile. It has become a very popular cosmetic procedure amongst adults of all ages and when carried out correctly is completely safe, does not cause any damage to the teeth and can achieve great results.

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