a chipmunk with a mouth full of nuts looks at the camera.

You’ve seen the cheeky post-wisdom teeth removal pics your mates send you on Snapchat, often with #chipmunk or #chubbybunny in the caption. And while it might give you a giggle, deep down you may be worrying, “Is wisdom tooth removal painful?”. Now the day has come where your wisdom teeth are aching and the pain … Read more

The world’s shortest horror story: “You’ll need that tooth removed.”


In reality, extractions (or “removals”) really aren’t that bad and with the right dentist, is more comfortable than you think. Sure, no one wants to have a tooth removed (trust us, we want to keep them in your mouth too) but sometimes it really is necessary for the health of your mouth (and your smile!).

Wondering if you should get that tooth removed? Get off Google, we’ve got you covered. From wisdom teeth to decay and more, keep reading to find out:

Let’s be honest, we’d all be lying if we said the thought of having one or more teeth removed filled us with happy thoughts. It may seem like a daunting experience, but knowledge is power. When you are given as much information as possible from your dentist on what to expect, you’ll find any fear and uncertainty you may have can be quickly calmed…

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