The best dental device to treat sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea can be tricky trouble. Not only does it make it hard to get a good night’s sleep, but the snoring often has trickle-down effects over time… Like your partner threatening to relegate you to the couch or just wanting to come home and snuggle in your blanket for eternity.

So how can you control something that feels impossible to reign in? If snoring and sleep apnoea have been getting you down (or keeping you up), your dentist can help.

Treat your sleep apnoea in a non-invasive, low risk and comfortable way without expensive surgeries or big clunky and awkward devices.

Read on to find out the best dental device to treat sleep apnoea and to avoid banishment to the couch for good.


Understanding Sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a common sleep disorder which impacts your breathing in the night. You may find yourself waking up in the night gasping for air or even more tired after a full night’s sleep than you did before you went to bed. While a restless sleep may feel like a minor inconvenience at the start, it’s important to get sleep apnoea treated swiftly to prevent further complications from aising later down the line. 

So what’s the science behind it?

In the day, the muscles around your airways hold them open, but when we sleep these muscles relax. Normally this is not a problem. However it’s possible for your muscles to relax too much, obstructing your airways and triggering sleep apnoea. If your airflow is interrupted by 50% for 10 seconds or more at a time, sleep apnoea is diagnosed. 


Common sleep apnoea symptoms

  • Snoring

  • Gasping for air in your sleep 

  • Tired in the morning despite enough “hours” of sleep

  • Sore and dry throat in the mornings 

  • Sleepiness and fatigue throughout the day

  • Poor concentration or memory 

  • Headaches

  • Anxiety or depression 

  • Decreased performance in the workplace. 


Common causes of sleep apnoea 

There many factors which can contribute to your likelihood of developing sleep apnoea. For example, periods of stress can sometimes trigger flare ups of disordered sleep, which may lead to an increase in body stress and unproductivity. Other factors can include:

  • Weight loss/gain or being overweight

  • Narrow airways 

  • Neck circumference 

  • Certain medications and medical conditions 

  • Nasal congestion

  • Whether or not you smoke 

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Men and older adults are also more prone to developing sleep apnoea. 


How sleep apnoea is diagnosed 

If you suspect that you have sleep apnoea the first step is to book in an appointment with your dentist. From there, we will help you coordinate testing at a sleep clinic to simplify the process. Once your results are in we will walk you through the next steps to help you decide upon your treatment options and get them booked in. 


The best dental device to treat sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea can be treated in many ways (some with more advantages than others) such as:

  • Nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nasal CPAP)

  • Different types of surgery

  • Supplemental oxygen

  • Adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV)

  • Oral appliance (most convenient and inconspicuous).

We believe the simplest, most convenient and best treatment option for mild and moderate sleep apnoea is oral appliance therapy. This means wearing a special dental device (quite similar to a retainer) during the night, called ‘mandibular advancement splints’. 

One of the most trusted mandibular advancement splints available is SomnoDent, made by the experts at SomnoMed. This dental device is usually preferred by patients as it is much more comfortable, has a high success rate and is very low risk.

Above all these treatments, the best thing you can do to manage sleep apnoea is to increase your levels of self care. Self care includes checking in with yourself (or your doctor) to understand how you can better manage your lifestyle including diet, weight, anxiety and stress levels. Doing this doesn’t cost anything and only enhances your everyday life.


What is SomnoDent

An incredible surgery alternative, SomnoDent is a dental device used to treat sleep apnoea. It is a custom-fit specialised guard that is worn overnight to prevent your airways from becoming obstructed. 


Benefits of SomnoDent

SomnoDent is one of the best treatment options for a reason:

  • Comfort – Somnodent is custom fit to your mouth to ensure maximum comfort 

  • Simplicity – Somnodent is one of the easiest treatments available

  • Minimal time in-chair is needed 

  • A special lining that doesn’t attract bad smells ⠀

  • Extensive medical research behind it to prove its effectiveness. 


Where to get your sleep apnoea treated in Perth 

Treating your sleep apnoea with SomnoDent has never been easier. Simply book an appointment at Claremont Dental and we will guide you through the entire process.


Appointment process

Here’s what to expect on the journey if you were to consider SomnoDent as an option for you, this process takes approximately one month. You can also read more about our process and payment options here:

  • GP appointment. Head to the GP to identify causative factors using a ‘sleep study’ 

  • Appointment one. Book an appointment with your dentist (ensure they are experienced in sleep apnoea first – who will thoroughly assess your mouth and teeth and may take X-rays

  • Appointment two. Moulds of your teeth are taken to tailor the oral device to your mouth

  • Final appointment. The device is fitted to ensure comfort.

  • Possible future appointments. There may be further appointments needed to adjust and modify the device to ensure optimal performance. 

It’s time to hit snooze on snoring and sleep apnoea. With our handy dental devices, you can rest assured knowing you’ll finally get a good night’s sleep (and your partner will be much happier with you). One of the best dental devices for sleep apnoea on the market, SomnoDent is an effective and non-invasive solution for sleep apnoea. To get your sleep apnoea under control, book an appointment with one of our knowledgeable dentists now.

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