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#openup your dental experience

Established in 1986, Claremont Dental is conveniently located in the centre of Claremont, close to the bustling Claremont Quarter. Over the last three decades we’ve been providing cosmetic, general and dental implants services to patients all over Perth, we’ve come to learn what’s not working in dental.

Closed doors, closed minds. It’s a lonely, intimidating experience where teeth are taboo, along with all the fears and issues that accompany them. The white coats. The masks. The chair. That weird smell. Pointy tools, noisy drills (did someone say argh?).

Calling it your worst nightmare might sound over the top, but for some, the fear is so deeply engrained it even has a name – ‘dentophobia’. Even if you’re not convinced we’re out to harm you, chances are you believe your back pocket is in for a world of pain. So it’s no surprise many put off going to the dentist, or ‘accidentally’ miss appointments.

At Claremont Dental, we’re not here to sugarcoat anything (quite the opposite really). We just want to brush, floss and rinse away all the uncertainty so that seeing us is as natural as a casual catch-up.

Free to be you

Our practice was purposely designed to break down barriers and make you right at home visiting us. You’ll feel it the moment you open the door – a relaxed, casual environment where people can actually connect with one another.

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Kicking back on a couch together rather than sitting in silence, alone. The relaxing scent of essential oils in our reception and surgeries to calm your nerves. Talking in everyday language without the intimidating jargon. Letting you feel comfortable to open up with us about anything – what hurts, what works, what you’re up to on the weekend. And if you need a little extra help feeling at ease, Dom is highly trained in sedation techniques too.

Bringing ‘personal dental’ back

There are 16 dentists in a two-kilometre radius of us – yet Claremont Dental’s service is poles apart. We’re an independent team of local health care professionals who specialise in dentistry, with many of our staff members with us for many years. That brings with it a lot of patient perks. You get a personal experience and relaxed atmosphere, with more one-on-one time and treatment individually tailored to you (no large health fund corporations breathing down our necks to meet daily targets).

It also means we journey through life with you, with many of our patients sharing the same surnames, from five-year-olds to ninety-five-year-olds. Come to think of it, we treat the western suburbs as one big family too - even local schools and sports groups partner with us to take care of their students and teams.

Take care

At the heart of it all, what we really care about is holistic health. By opening up with each other, we can unlock all those little insights that help us not just treat you, but treat you better. Maybe we can prevent that high sugar diet leading to Type II Diabetes. Or address those stress levels at work that are making you take less care of yourself. Teeth may be our specialty but we’re trained to drill down into the core issues that, ultimately, hide the answers to a happier, healthier you.

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