Amalgam Filling Replacements

Natural looking filling replacement

Whether you are worried about the health risks of mercury toxicity, have concerns about the effectiveness of your metal fillings or want them replaced simply for aesthetic reasons, we will work with you to find the best solution.


Replacement of amalgam fillings

Before the development of composite and ceramic technology, it was common for dentists to use metal fillings (also known as amalgam fillings) to fix dental cavities as they were a cost-effective and durable option.

Amalgam fillings have been used for over a century and while they are generally considered safe they may need to be removed if they are broken, worn or chipped due. This is due to the risk of toxicity as amalgam fillings are made of about 50% mercury. These types of fillings are outdated and unsightly.

At Claremont Dental, we replace amalgam fillings with materials that are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and complement your natural teeth.

Should I get my amalgam fillings removed and replaced?

There are a few reasons why you may get your amalgam fillings replaced.

  • Health Risks – As mercury makes up about 50% of a metal filling, there is a risk of exposure to elemental mercury vapour, particularly when the filling has cracked or chipped.
  • Aesthetics – Amalgam fillings are unsightly and many people would prefer to replace them with natural-looking materials.
  • The filling itself is worn or broken.
  • Decay forming under the filling. This is because metal amalgam fillings cannot be bonded to the teeth, therefore, leaving gaps for bacteria to slip through.
  • Cracks in your tooth structure caused by the amalgam filling.
  • You’ve had them for longer than 10 years.

To determine if your amalgam fillings need replacing, book a consultation with one of our dentists who will evaluate the condition of your filling and provide recommendations based on your individual needs.


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