Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening to make you smile.

Your smile is your personality, but food, drinks, medications and even lifestyle choices can discolour and stain our teeth over time. Bring back vibrancy to your smile with Claremont Dental’s teeth whitening treatments. They can brighten your smile and help your true personality shine through instantly. Our friendly team can deliver Zoom Whitening in the comfort of our chair, or provide a whitening kit for you to take home.

Teeth Whitening colour scale

In-Chair ZOOM teeth whitening

For immediate results, up to 8 shades whiter, in-chair Zoom whitening is the fast and painless answer to white teeth. Taking 45 minutes to one hour, in-chair whitening allows for stronger ingredients to be safely administered by your dentist so your teeth become whiter and brighter with little to no sensitivity in just one session.

How in-chair Zoom teeth whitening works:

  1. Your mouth is prepped and a layer of advanced whitening gel is applied to your teeth
  2. To speed up the whitening process, an LED lamp is shone onto your teeth for 15 minutes
  3. This can be repeated up to three times – meaning the best results take just one hour to achieve!
  4. Once you’ve reached your desired shade, a post-treatment gel is applied to help protect enamel and reduce sensitivity
  5. A take-home whitening top-up kit is supplied to help maintain brightness.

Take Home teeth whitening

Take home teeth whitening kits are a gentle and convenient way to get a brighter smile. For those with extra sensitive teeth, your dentist may prescribe this whitening technique to you. Taking just 30 minutes a day, your teeth will be up to 6 shades lighter in as little as 2 weeks.

How whitening kits work:

  1. Your dentist custom fits whitening trays that perfectly align with your teeth and gum line
  2. Line trays with the recommended amount of whitening gel
  3. Place trays in mouth for prescribed time
  4. Remove tray and wash thoroughly
  5. Brush teeth and repeat as per your dentist’s instructions.

To find out what whitening treatment is suitable for you, book an appointment at Claremont Dental today.


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