Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wise choice

At Claremont Dental, we offer a range of options for the comfortable removal of wisdom teeth to match your diagnosis.

Wisdom teeth are actually the third molars and the final teeth to erupt, usually during late teens or early adulthood. Often there is not sufficient room for their eruption and they become impacted or only partially erupt. Dental concerns caused by wisdom teeth include the potential damage to healthy neighbouring teeth and their roots. They also cause infected, swollen and sore gums, which can then lead to infection of the bone surrounding the tooth and possibly a painful abscess or cyst.

Our experienced dentist, Dr Nash, can suggest different options for the removal of your wisdom tooth/teeth following a diagnosis. An initial consultation involves the assessment of your teeth and their roots by analysing an OPG X-ray (if you have not had one taken recently we will take one on site).

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Once a diagnosis has been made, we’ll discuss treatment options, your preferences and a quote before outlining a treatment plan. From there we can arrange an appointment for your surgery.

Solutions include Nitrous oxide (happy gas)*, IV conscious sedation/ twilight sedation*, General anaesthetic#, Local in chair.

*Our Dentist Dr Dominic Etheridge can administer in-house Nitrous Oxide and IV sedation during your extraction procedure with Dr Nash Bishnulall.

# All general anaesthetic procedures are carried out at Southbank Day Surgery, in South Perth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQs

Health funds accepted

It’s easy to #openup when all major health funds are accepted.